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Oil Transformer Made in China

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The main functions and features of Furnace Transformer:
Electric furnace transformers supply power to electric furnaces by reducing the high voltage to the working voltage of furnaces.
Given the great variety of electric furnaces, the corresponding electric furnace transformers are also diverse. At present, the electric furnace transformers produced by our company include: electric arc furnace transformers used on electric steel making furnaces (including on-load and no-load regulating type and the type equipped with internal electric reactor), ore furnace transformers (single-phase and three-phase on-load and no-load regulating type) used for smelting various iron alloy, silicon compound and calcium carbide. All of them are low-loss energy-saving products. The cooling modes can be divided into natural cooling, forced oil and water cooling, etc. Transformers can be specifically designed according to customer requirements.
Model codes: H – steelmaking arc furnace;
HJ – ladle furnace; HZ – electric slag furnace;
HC – calcium carbide furnace; HK – submerged arc furnace;
HG – power frequency induction furnace;
Phase number: D – single-phase; S – three-phase;
Cooling device: oil-immersed self-cooling -; air cooling
F; water cooling S;
Oil circulation type: natural circulation - ; forced oil circulation P;
Voltage regulation mode: non-excitation regulation - ; on-load regulation Z;
Internal accessory device: varying magnetic flux leakage set -; internal electric reactor K;
Rated capacity: kVA
Voltage class: KV
Product Model
Furnace transformer for induction furnace , arc furnace , EAF furnace
why choose us
1. We are factory
Xiecheng have more than 10 years experience in electric power industry, the production capacity up to 240MVA with the primary voltage of 220KV,qualified supplier for china state grid.Offers more then 5000pcs of transformer to the over seas, Cost-effective, highly efficient, durable and easy-to operate transformer is what we deliver.
2. Provided turnkey solution
We offers you a complete turnkey solution for building a power plant, steel plant, foundry or metal forming Industry. We can design the plant, manufacturer the equipment, install and commission it. also we can Provide the professional engineer team to your place to run the factory for you.
3. Strict Quality Control System
Before Being dispatched from our factory all of our equipment will undergo a series of strict test, including the appearance quality test, voltage electrical test, aging test also the package strength checking. On our production line each worker takes personal responsibility for their assigned task and this allows us to guarantee our products.
4. Professional after sales service
(1) Our teams provide onsite installation, commissioning and after sales service.
(2) You will get free lifelong technical advice from our highly qualified engineers at Xiecheng. This will give you a lot of confidence when buying from our company.
(3) We guarantee the ongoing supply and preferential prices for spare and wearing parts.
(4) Our highly qualified team of service technicians are well equipped to keep your transformer operating at high efficience at all times.Oil Transformer Made in China

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